Fly your blog riding the wind, across the platforms,
without passing control

Publish your blog to the entire atproto world

WhiteWind is a Markdown blog service using atproto, which is also used by Bluesky. Your article is immediately delivered to all the federated atproto services once you click the save button.

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View all atproto reactions without making efforts

Never search your blog url on every platform to check reactions. Literally all the reactions (comments, likes and so on) from atproto services are collected by the WhiteWind system and shown in your blog page.

Deliver your blog without passing control

Your blog article is owned only by you. WhiteWind blog data is stored in your PDS, which is a storage space you are given when you start using atproto service (such as Bluesky). Your article will never be modified, deleted or lost by WhiteWind or the like. Even WhiteWind finishes the service, the blog data remains on your PDS. Using third-party tools, you can even host your blog on your own domain.

No registration for WhiteWind is required

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a lot of advertisement e-mails by a service? Are you tired of managing a lot of accounts in various services? To use WhiteWind, all you need is Bluesky account. Because WhiteWind never knows your personal information, we will never send spammy e-mail messages.