Basic Usage of WhiteWind

Basic Usage of WhiteWind

Blog Creation & Display

Searching for Blogs

Enter the blog author's Bluesky handle or DID in the textbox on the homepage and click the button labeled SEARCH BLOGS.

Displaying a List of Blogs You Created

The URL format for WhiteWind's blog list is{Bluesky handle or DID}

For example:
For user handle
For DID did:plc:vpjkockzv7nxnc5o4furet2x

Accessing these URLs will display a list of all blog posts created by that user. Anyone who knows the URL can access the blog list.

Creating a New Blog Post

There is a button with "+" icon at the bottom right of the WhiteWind's blog list page. Pressing this button allows you to create a new blog post.

Saving a Blog Post

The hamburger menu (the icon with three horizontal lines) in the edit screen has textboxes labeled “DID / Handle” and “PDS password”. Please fill in the following information in these textboxes:

  • DID / Handle
    • Your Bluesky account handle or DID.
    • Example 1:
    • Example 2: did:plc:vpjkockzv7nxnc5o4furet2x
  • PDS password
    • Bluesky app password
    • After entering this information, clicking the floppy icon will save the article.

Deleting a Blog Post

To delete a blog post, display the post and open the editing screen by clicking the button with pencil icon at the bottom of the screen. Clicking the trash can icon at the far right of the menu bar will delete the post. Deletion requires login information to PDS (same as Bluesky login information), so please enter it.

Editing an Existing Blog Post

To edit a blog post, display the post and open the editing screen by clicking the button with pencil icon at the bottom of the screen. After editing, clicking the floppy icon on the right side of the menu bar will save the post.

Sharing an Article

By clicking an article entry from the blog list display screen, the article screen will be displayed. Copying the browser's URL while this screen is displayed allows you to obtain a URL that can be accessed by others. The URL format is{Bluesky handle or DID}/{article ID}{Bluesky handle or DID}/entries/{article name}

How to Write Articles

Articles can be written using Markdown syntax, which allows you to easily describe headings, links, bullet lists, tables, etc. For more details, please visit the following link:

Markdown Cheat Sheet | Markdown Guide



Upload Instructions

  1. Open the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the article editing screen.
  2. Click "Upload picture".
  3. Select the image you want to upload.

Viewing and Deleting Uploaded Images

Display Instructions

  1. Click the "Uploaded pictures" icon on the article editing screen.
  2. A list of uploaded images will be displayed.
  3. You can copy the URL displayed under each image to use in


I want to skip entering a password when editing an article

Basically, once you login you don't need to input password again. Besides, for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge users, clicking the key icon displayed on the right side of the address bar will show a save screen for username and password. Confirming that your own handle or DID is displayed as the username and saving it will allow the browser to autofill it next time.

Will there be any problems accessing articles after moving PDS?

Since blog articles are fetched from the PDS currently used by the article's author, moving to a different PDS will not cause broken links.

Features Planned for Future Implementation

  • Comments
  • Access counter
  • Bluesky post embedding
  • Layout customization

Making a Markdown blog service using atproto which you can use with Bluesky account!
AT Protocolを使い、Blueskyアカウントがあれば使えるMarkdownブログサービス(AppView)を作っています!

X / Twitter: @KNKSM5

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