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Im really just kinda confused about this

with activitypub you need multiple identities to start a new account on a new fedi platform. but crucially, you dont need a new identitiy to contribute to other platforms. I use my mastodon account to contribute/consume with forums/linkaggregators regularly, and its really nice.

with atproto i dont need multiple identities to start a new account, as illustrated that this whitewind blog is with my same atproto account. but we do need multiple platforms/apps to consume it. as illustrated that i have to post the link, and cannot natively embed it as a comment to Bryans post.

this is not intrinsic in ATproto as far as I understand, but just a limitation of keeping the bsky app to only the microblogging lexicon.

like, you went to all this effort to make this really cool thing with atproto, and it does show great promise. but the actual user experience of using ATproto as a combination of the bsky-microblogging app together with whitewind really is just bad right now. and i dont think thats really whitewinds fault either



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