Feelings On Still Using Twitter Despite Using the Alternatives


Recent Feelings On Still Using Twitter Despite Using the Alternatives

I didn't expect this to be my first post on WhiteWind, but it's better than making another long ass thread but o Bluesky and mastodon. Since I posted this on HellShite(tm) I'll post this here too with some edits and additional thoughts because character limits suck:

The hell of being on [Twitter] is my growing discomfort with supporting the megalomaniacal billionaire by using the site, but all my online friends are on here along with most people on earth.

There's also the aspect of while the alternatives are growing, be it bluesky, an activitypub social, or even something selfhosted site/newsletter, because since most people are here, it's worth still being her. It's been important for artist and creatives for self promotion, it's been important for to connect with public figures, and it's been an important tool in actvism as we have seen with all the information coming out of Palestine, For the most part you can't really blame people for staying with the platform as much as we all (People With Quality and Taste who aren't part of the Musk Cult) hate it.

On the other hand most of my tweets don't really get much traction unless I talk about Proportional Representation or adjacent poltical topics, which if fair world events (Espeically for example, Palestine, Canada's recent internet laws that seem to be gett worse and worse, Election Reform) and even that's small.

Which at that point, maybe it's worth experimenting not using [Twitter] for a while just to see what it's like. Out side of not keeping up with friends I shouldn't losing a whole lot. I promote my videos on all 3 so I know that the click through on "X" is small and should have minimal effect by cutting the one.

The Main Reasons for These Feelings

I just don't feel okay with using a site where the owner who has more money that most of will see, got a pay out for basically existing, and might be demanding laid off employee's pay back their severance because a CEO doesn't know how conversion rates work. As someone who had a former workplace make a stink about this after I left when they clearly have insurance for that, this hit a little close to home for me, and I feel like he should just eat the cost of being a bad business man.

And yes there are FAR worse things about this hellshite (I don't have the time or energy to talk about them all), but that's kind of straw that's really making me reflect on (again... for the like 3rd time now) just not using [Twitter]. That and it seems that the extensions I use to keep me sane on there such as blue blocker and the old twitter layout may start having issues... if those go the site will likely be largely unusable for me.

If I do go silent and start experimenting with sticking to Bluesky and Mastodon for awhile, I won't make a big stink about like I have before in the past with my rant videos. I want to actually be a way from it before I start advocating for switching again.

So if you don't hear for me here for a while, you know what's up. But before I do, I'll likely be promoting some projects on Twitter before I do go silent (including a comparasion of Bluesky and Mastodon because the different approaches are facinating and I need to info dump about this before the end of the year!)

Btw I refuse to directly give X/Twitter/Elon's plaything any money so this is what this is a thread. YOU'RE NOT GETTING DAMN CENT FROM ME!

PS, It's not hard finding me on either network btw, Nemes content on both :)


@NemesContent@mstdn.ca (Mastodon) @nemescontent.bsky.social (BlueSky)

Nemes Content


(He/Him) Canadian dork with a YouTube channel and writes scripts and articles that are way too long. Looking to make more content in the new year. Stay Tuned.


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