🌟 WhiteWind Update 20240506 🌟


Thank you for always using WhiteWind!
We've revamped WhiteWind with a brand new browsing UI and enlarged link cards!

Navigating pages and logging in just got easier!

The UI has been redesigned to align with typical web services, making it user-friendly even for first-timers!


We've added a handy header for switching accounts, posting articles, and navigating between pages!
Buttons now appear that let you jump directly to the edit screen or view a list of articles by the author, depending on the page you're viewing.
Plus, an avatar now appears in the top right corner, making it easy to see at a glance if you're logged in or out!


A footer now appears at the bottom of every page.
You can check out how to use the site or visit the About page anytime!

Home Page

Our homepage has evolved!
Beyond just a search box and links to how-to guides, it now displays various articles, making it easy to browse what's available!

Article Page

Titles and update dates are now automatically added to articles!
Plus, images set in link cards now automatically become the article's background, enhancing its first impression.

At the end of each article, you can now see the author's Bluesky profile and a form to post reactions.

Comments → Reactions from everyone

We've renamed the previously titled "Comments" section to better reflect its nature: "Reactions from everyone."
The content remains the same; mentions of the article's URL on Bluesky or WhiteWind will display here.

Author's Article List Page

Link card images now display, and titles no longer get cut off, making it easier to understand which article is which!
If there is no link card, one is automatically generated.

About Page

We've introduced a new About page!
It highlights what makes WhiteWind a unique service.
You can access it from the footer.

Regarding the Article Editing Page 📝

This update focused on enhancing the browsing experience, so there haven't been many changes to the article editing page.
We plan to align the article editing interface with the other UI improvements in future updates.

Easier ways for great articles to spread

Enhanced Link Cards (OGP)

When sharing articles on platforms like Bluesky, if no link card image is set, one will be automatically generated!
Moreover, link card descriptions are now derived from the article content, making it easier for viewers to understand what the article is about before reading.
If an article has a link card set, that image will continue to be used.

About edit page

We focused on improving viewing experience and

Showcasing New and Popular Entries

As mentioned on the home page, we're now showcasing new entries and popular entries that have garnered a lot of reactions!
Previously, the only way to promote an article was to share it yourself, but now it'll appear on the home page, helping good content reach a wider audience.

A blog of sorts

That's all for the updates.
Thank you for reading all the way through!

Japan has a long holiday in May called "Golden Week," and this year the weather was nice and pleasant!
I spent my time relaxing nearby, doing some shopping, developing WhiteWind, and reading books.
Until the yen strengthens, it looks like travel will have to wait...



WhiteWind is a Markdown blog service (AppView) which uses atproto.



Post reaction in Bluesky

*To be shown as a reaction, include article link in the post or add link card

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