🌟WhiteWind Update 20240509🌟


WhiteWind Update! Draft Feature Added!

✅️ Adding the "Is Draft" Option

By enabling this checkbox, you can prevent your entry from appearing on the WhiteWind homepage. Additionally, a "Draft" badge will be displayed on both the blog list on your author page and on the article itself.

This way, you can prevent articles that are still in progress from reaching a wide audience and inform readers who stumble upon them on your author page that they are incomplete.

🚨 You Cannot Completely Hide Articles in Draft

Currently, anyone who opens the author page will see drafts in the article list.
In the near future, we plan to change how it works so that only the author can see draft articles on WhiteWind1.
However, even if such a feature is added and draft articles are not visible to others on WhiteWind, it is technically possible to retrieve article data from the author's server.
Please be aware that the draft feature should not be used for confidential information.

A blog of sorts

That concludes the update.
Thank you for reading to the end!

The Bluesky and atproto roadmap is out!
It's been since late February that third parties like WhiteWind have been able to place data on the PDS, and I feel that Bluesky and atproto are progressing at a good pace.
I look forward to seeing how services will strengthen their integration and introduce interesting UX mechanisms in the future.


  1. For those technically inclined, we plan to verify signatures from the author. https://docs.bsky.app/blog#:~:text=Proxying%20of%20Independent%20Lexicons



WhiteWind is a Markdown blog service (AppView) which uses atproto.



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